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Good Times on the Fourth

6 Jul

For the first time in the past month I got the change to spend a little time enjoying the new humble abode, and better yet J & I got to spend it with some of our closest friends and family!

To celebrate the new digs and the Fourth of July, we decided to host a fun potluck-style cookout where we provided the meat and everyone else brought either a dessert, side or drinks.  This past week definitely was not the most frugal of grocery trips (spending around $100, but $30 of that being things for the cookout and $20 being dog food that lasts a month), but somehow we’ve ended up making the cookout very frugal and fun.  Knowing how much some of the guys can eat, I figured the leftovers would amount to very little but I was very surprised to see how much was actually left over (and let with us).  Now it looks like those grocery dollars will be getting us by through part of next week, or we will be able to entertain more friends with left over sliders and hot dogs for a few more days.

Since we’ve moved into a home big enough to do lots of entertaining, we’ve been dreaming of all the get-togethers we will have…but with funds being limited put some of the plans on hold until I can master the art of couponing.  Now I’ve realized that we don’t have to wait!  The potluck cookout was so much fun, and frugal, that we can finally entertain the thought of entertaining.

What are some other frugal ideas for entertaining on a tiny budget?  Do you have any great frugal recipes for a potluck style get-together?