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I’ve been bitten…

20 Jul

I’ve not mastered the art of photography and I’ve only had a dSLR for just a few days, but already I can’t seem to get enough of it!  Sunday was my first day out with my “new” dSLR, and although I didn’t have enough time to play with setting and use the tips I’ve read, I was able to get a few interesting shots of statues and flowers at our cemetery.  Apparently that was all I needed to get hooked.

Statue at the Lexington Cemetery

I’ve probably wasted most of my work day staring out my window at the patch of beautiful, green grass.  All I can think of is how I wish I had my camera with me so that I could take some shots of it and see if I can make an interesting picture out of it.  Well, that and how I need to learn to use Gimp or Photoshop so that I can edit some of my pictures.

Well, I’m off to do a little more reading…


The Deal I Couldn’t Refuse

14 Jul

Ever since my last post I’ve scoured the web, trying to find the dSLR of my dreams on my tiny budget.  I’ve tried to get as creative as possible, looking at trades or getting cheap deals on the items they are looking to trade for.  Then the deal I couldn’t refuse fell from the sky!

J was asking a very good friend (who has a photography business on the side) if he knew of a good deal on a used dSLR, since I suddenly developed an addiction to photography.  Next thing we know, our friend has just the perfect thing for  our shoestring budget!  It’s not the newest, shiniest dSLR available…but it’s the perfect one to get started on and make sure that this is something I really want to get into.  And for $100 with some wonderful extras (Canon Rebel 6.3MP, 2 lenses, extra batteries, memory cards & a bag), it’s the perfect deal!

So now we just have to wait for a good time to make the switch…and then a monster will be born!  I’m really hoping to get my hands on it by Saturday morning, because J and I have already talked about making plans for our cameras (downtown + farmer’s market = perfect)!

As if I weren’t already excited enough because of all the great things happening today (Papa Bear’s TV appearance to talk about his newest book & Roman Holiday on the big screen tonight), now I’m super giddy about the possibility of a picture perfect weekend!

My latest addiction

12 Jul

Have you ever become addicted to something before you actually participated in that activity? 

I know it sounds strange, but I have recently developed a new addiction that is taking over my thoughts…photography.  Yes, I’ve taken pictures before but not anything I would actually consider photography (I mean really, would you consider using a crappy point-and-shoot that takes blurry pictures participating in photography?).  I’ve been mesmerized by pictures my entire life, but with my need to be creative I’ve decided that spending hours browsing through old family photographs isn’t enough…I want to create pictures! 

Now that I’m older and have a digital point-and-shoot, I’m ready to learn more about photography.  I’m ready to quit taking blurry pictures and start taking beautiful, brightly colored pictures of the things I create or the things that inspire me.  After doing a little bit of reading, I’ve already decided that I won’t be quite as happy with my little point-and-shoot and want the real deal…but the frugal girl in me knows that the DSLR of my dreams will have to wait.

P.S. If you know of anywhere I could get a inexpensive, used DSLR in decent shape…please contact me!  I’m scouring CraigsList daily and searching frantically for one because I can’t stop thinking about it!

Any photography tips or tricks for an aspiring shutterbug?  If you have an recommendations on cameras, sites with information or DIY photography items…please share them!  I would love to make this not-so-frugal activity a little more frugal with some DIY accessories, and I’m sure other frugal shutterbugs would love to save a little money too.