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Craft Room Dilemma

8 Jul

I have been so incredibly excited about finally having a craft room to hide in, but I didn’t realize that this new idea would pose such a dilemma for me.  Besides trying to figure out where to put all the boxes while I arrange and organize my craft room (yippee!! craft room!!), I need to figure out the perfect decor for my special personal space.

I’ve never really had much experience decorating before (who really cares enough to decorate a horrible, little apartment?), but now I can’t stop thinking of possible options for each and every room in our new abode.  I’ve made lists of possible decor to make myself, colors, and themes.  While we’ve pretty much settled on themes for the other rooms, I’m stuck when it comes to my craft room.

I’ve got two great options, but which to choose?

  • DIY or DIY-inspired decor: framed swatches, DIY paintings, creative quote wall stickers, etc.
  • Inspiration decor: pictures of people or things that inspire me, inspiration boards, idea boards, etc.

The only thing I know for sure is that I want my craft room to be a relaxing haven for me to be free to create anything that my heart desires.  Ever since we started planning the move, I’ve pictured myself spending relaxing weekends in my craft room crafting away and enjoying quality time with my sewing machine that I have yet to use.  Soon all those boxes will be gone and I can finally live my dream!

What does your personal craft space look like? How is it organized? Decorated?