Starting a New Chapter

29 Jun

Have you ever gotten so involved in the story your reading that you find yourself on the edge of you seat in anticipation of what the next chapter will bring?  I have many times, and I know I will many times more…and not just with stories, but with life. Right now I’m at a new starting point, and I’m ready to turn the page and see what happens next.

Once upon a time, on a foolish April day, a couple of geeks that were very much in love went for a walk on a beautiful Destin beach.  Little did the oblivious girl know that this would be a day that changed her life, because the love of her life was about to propose marriage to her.

From that day on my life has been filled with change, and I know it won’t stop any time soon…but that’s fine by me!  As if wedding planning isn’t enough, we decided to find a new place to live that was big enough for the both of us.  Nothing is more stressful to me than moving, unpacking I can handle but packing/moving gets me all scatter-brained.  One thing I’ve learned in all of this…moving is not cheap!

So what’s in store for the heroine of the story?

This new chapter is bringing about some new changes lessons to learn…I’m taking advantage of all of this and creating a new start!  After learning a few things about myself while in this crazy transition, I’ve found a few things I’d like to make a part of my life:

  • Go from frugal wannabe to frugalista.
  • Get more organized (maybe moving wouldn’t have been so bad if I was more organized).
  • Add a little more domesticity to my life (please don’t take that as being domesticated).
  • Get in control of my/our finances.
  • Put my eco-friendly thoughts into action.

So feel free to join me as I share about my lessons learned in this new journey, both good and bad, and feel free to share any valuable lessons you’ve learned in your adventures.

Good tips/advice is too valuable to keep to yourself…so be someone who shares well with others!


2 Responses to “Starting a New Chapter”

  1. allison July 2, 2010 at 8:32 am #

    So here’s my tip for frugal/domestic/eco-wise. I just found out about Bon Ami cleaner. You can buy it at the co-op, and probably other places. It’s a powdered cleaner that costs less than $2, has all natural ingredients, and is great for scrubbing down kitchen sinks, tubs, counters – any hard surface that isn’t easily scratched (it is mildly abrasive).

    Good luck and congrats on the engagement!

    • Simply DIYgal July 2, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

      Thanks Allison, for the congratulations and the tip!

      Cleaners can get so expensive and I hate all the chemical smells you get with a majority of the cleaners out there, so it’s good to know there are some cheap and natural alternatives out there. I’ve found a “recipe” book that has all sorts of recipes for home made cleaners (for house and body), which is another great alternative. I’ve used the drain cleaner a few times, and it’s amazing (and fun) to see how you can get the job done without spending a fortune or smelling chemicals galore.

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